The fall


“The likeness of those who choose other patrons than Allah is as the likeness of the spider when she taketh unto herself a house, and lo! the frailest of all houses is the spider’s house, if they but knew.” (The Koran)


“He who has found God, what did he lose? He who has lost God, what did he find?” (Sufi proverb)




FALL: FÉL (half, afraid), VÁL (separate) – falling away from the pure atomic source of energy within

the artificial linguistic block coded in the he/she divide generates a sequence of spiritual and mental blocks, which are then compensated by unfounded attitudes of superiority (gender, racial, cultural, religious superiority) - this is the recipe of all opression, colonialism, and war

insatisfiable colonial hunger, unstoppable political vortex spreading since 2600 BC from the East, (in Europe since c.500BC), devouring first the Semitic tribes, then Sumer and Mesopotamia, the Middle East, Near East, Hellespontos (the gate), then Hellas, Italy, and from Rome as base, it devoured the whole continent, then moved on to devour the Americas and Australia, Asia, Africa, and now it is beginning its new cycle again, with ever greater ferocity, devouring its own body, the people and the Earth. It is but a program, of no existence of its own, only slaves, only preys! The predators of the world are its most tortured and shackled preys. The program which devours life on Earth is the he/she virus, and what it violates first and foremost is the Atomic Law of the universe. Apply law of reversibility to the predators up above the world! (See Bowles’s Up Above the World about the deepest human hell of bad conscience, see also reversible order of hierarchy in linguistic patterns, The Pearl images 41-2.)

colonial program = colonial urge = colonial hunger = loss of inner magnetism (metaphysical desire between the Father and Mother aspect of the Greater Self): forced by the mental structural program of gender-splitting. CULT, RELIGION, SOCIAL PROGRAM, BIO-ENERGETIC PROGRAM, HISTORICAL PROGRAM entirely DEFINED BY THE MENTAL CONDITIONING OF LANGUAGE

responsibility of the whole global state-establishment, to buy into the hypnotic mental program of division and subordination, and feed it with smaller-larger compromises, corruptions. European so-called academia, church, dynastic aristocracy, financial upper-classes are supremely responsible for leading their nations and flocks into the abyss of forgetting the inner source, inner language, inner structure, operation, and nature! once this was all common knowledge, for to know alone is NOTHING: the law must be lived.

colonialism is the manifestation of inner weakness, insufficiency, and mistrust. violence is the manifestation of inner suffocation, and escalating violence the sign of escalating INNER suffocation: mass hysteria. solution can only come from INSIDE: by recognition and application of the Atomic law! the law is immanent, intact and present in all not-yet-misprogrammed human children, regardless of race or sex, in all not-yet-manipulated natural grains and seeds! (see The Peal image 10.) but ultimately, the law cannot be erased from ANY cloned or degenerated matter, and the law moves EVERY magnetic dimension. (The universe is an absolute hologram: nothing is outside, nothing lost, ever the anti-system is permeated with system.) To understand that the Atomic Law is ABSOLUTELY OMNIPOTENT – our oblivion is relative. The Fall = time of oblivion. FALL-VEIL-WALL

negative vortex of the parasitic patriarchal mental tendency: escalation, paranoia, hysteria, hiding/running from our own Greater Self. Welfare state: AT WHAT COST? WHAT DOES OUR FALSE COMFORT, SECURITY AND POWER COST THE EARTH, OTHER PEOPLE, AND OUR OWN TRUE NATURE? producing glass beads and building sand-castles, poisoning our outer and inner environment. who is responsible for the GLOBAL WASTE LAND? we all our, and no one is: an imbalanced mental tendency (I over the Other) and its codified inorganic program of division and subordination (He over She over It) is responsible: the inhumane, unnatural, uncosmic law of Hammurapi implanted in the mind for c.4300 years. No amount of power, prayer, land, money, sacrifice, violence, consumption, entertainment, comfort can fill the gap between the inner psychic HE and SHE! A divided and subordinated inner world cannot be contented and loved from outside! The Fall cannot be stopped from outside.

THE FALL = patterns of SYSTEMATIC self-suffocation

magnetic suffocation: artificial division and subordination programmes between  sky and earth, right and left, man and woman
Fall of resonance between sky and earth: see Victor Schauberger’s theory that industrial civilisation weakens atmospheric energy, the vital magnetic resonance between the sky and the Earth: civilisation stands between the love of the actual celestial Father and global Mother. subordination of the Earth since the rule of uprooted, commercial civilisations.
Fall of resonance between ration and intuition, action and contemplation.
Fall of resonance between noun and verb in language (see The Pearl image 39., and the Atomic core law: 1:2)
SYSTEMATIC, CONSCIOUS, AND MALEVOLENT EROSION OF NATURAL MAGNETIC ENERGIES. why? chemtrails, plastic food, fascist ordeals and occult negativity: to complement bad consciousness and inner suffocation

INNER functions in disarray (SOUL, MIND, BODY in anarchy) →races and casts, social order in disarray (democracy: pseudo-structure plagiarised from triadic/hermetic atomic operation – without its foundation in psyche, language, and morals)

LIVES built on false conceptions about life itself, SOCIETIES, RELIGIONS, CIVILISATIONS are de-centred by oblivion. built on arbitrarily delegated power and responsibility, arbitrary loans from the subordinated and repressed aspect of the world (e.g. from the Goddess Matter, Nature, the Woman, Intuition, metaphysics). what is arbitrary is, by nature, relative, i.e. manipulable, illusory or false, out of synch with the POSITIVE ABSOLUTE CENTRE, source of consciousness and conscience of the individual, the community, the race etc.

the process of breaking away from original atomic wholeness shows the morphogenesis of division and subordination: a sequence of negative transmissions: illusion of progress at ever greater costs: evolution of debt (bad karma)


DUAL NATURE: essence/God/ATOM is at once concealed and manifest. veiled nature of the Goddess: gap between the invisible and the visible world

DUAL FUNCTION: different signal system: symbols are feminine & masculine (see Berber flag and cross: Tree of Life). MAG script becomes masculine, leaving the sonic Goddess of vowels undefined: FUNCTION TO STRETCH THE IMAGINATION – MAG script with defined vowels is more focused: FUNCTION TO HIT THE TARGET. two different functions of script, complementary magnetic energies like Buda and Attila

LACK OF FAITH: rational/masculine lack of imagination (All) and focus (One) in SUBMISSION TO THE SOURCE: lack of faith hides behind script

MENTAL SCHISM, PSYCHIC-PHYSICAL SCHISM, ideology of non-existent invisible-karmic world and inferior feminine-natural world

SCHISM IN RITUAL PRESENCE bad conscience needs to be covered by false consciousness: ritual participation in worship covered by hiding behind book of worship

script is moved from being part of liturgy into being all of liturgy: BOOK RELIGIONS are based on the masculine, consonant-only mentality of their script, and the visual-only mentality of the book: LITURGICAL SCHISM

the GOD of the book becomes consonant-only: an exclusively masculine, partial energetic entity: totality (ATOM) is mis-represented in a partial figure (AT): RELIGIOUS SCHISM

pronoun of GOD divides and subordinates his feminine aspect, becomes exclusively masculine, language becomes gender-splitting: LINGUISTIC SCHISM

patriarchal society, war, slavery, colonialism etc.: SOCIAL-POLITICAL SCHISM FROM PEACE AND LIFE












morphogenesis of the he/she virus: inner decentralisation, unrest, schizophrenic tendency

method of individual repression: shame and megalomania

method of communal repression: oppression by degenerate laws: all colonial empires, e.g. China, Russia, Islam, Judeo-Roman are oppressive, going back to their model, Hamurabbi, who first made law of “an eye for an eye”, and who ruled by sheer vicious patriarchal military force.


recognise these in objective world history and subjective personal history! to correct system errors

HYPOCRISY: e.g. acting as being free! acting as not being colonising, not being colonised. acting as not remembering further than a few hundred-max. thousand years, acting as liberators, originators etc. while being exactly the opposite see Romanised Europe, USA, China, Slavic Empire. Models of hypocrisy: Roman Church, England, France, Europe

PLAGIARISM: e.g. “China”: Hun, “Semite”: sem/szem (magszem, eye, core), Bible, historical figures and events converted, ethnic qualities annexed, devoured, and converted, dollar from taller, Parthian Jesus killed by Jewish lobby plagiarised into being Jewish: greatest scam of history. See also Mani, Huang Di etc.

CULTURAL MIMICRI: wider tendency of plagiarism. coloniser mimics the colonised! inferior parasite coloniser mimics the superior subordinated source. murderer mimics the murdered. black magic mimics white magic. double bind on the mimer, cut yourself off your own inner Source, your Freedom, Self-sufficiency and Self-creativity. difference between cultural influence and mimicry? credit, energy. 

SILENCE over: e.g. Parthian Empire, battle of Pozsony, Hun federation, Goddess Jahva, the entire MAG question

REVERSAL: e.g. Adam and Eve, Gog-Magog and Kain-Abel, Catalaunum, Attila and Huns, Rome and imperial role, “victories” of history

SLIP: e.g. Abraham, Mohammed, Jesus, Mani, Attila, Matthias, slip of responsibility for fraternal wars, genocides etc., slip of original identity and program!!!

BLAME: e.g. Eve, Judas, Pilatus, King St. Stephen, Horthy

STIGMATISATION, DENIGRATION: cunning, cynical misprogramming of sacral words, sounds, energies e.g. barbarians: BAR-BAR, savagery, “you Nimrod!”, money-Mani, hunger-Hungar, woman as lesser, children, nature, and non-violent races as lesser – attitude of superiority is ultimately anti-atomic (universally illegal)!

OBSCURING: Obscuring time: e.g. Illig’s 300 years, a period artificially written into Western chronicles, in order to obscure and disconnect the time between Attila/Arthur (c.450) and the return of the Eastern Magyars to the Karpathian base (c.900) to re-establish the Sacral Hungarian Kingdom (so not 450 but only 150 years passed since Attila’s Asian-European Hun unity and renaissance).

CONFUSION: Obscuring and forging identities, roles, and events: Leukippos and Demokritos: one prey (MAGic, Scythian), the other predator (MAG-splitting, Semitic), the roles obscured by philosophy, connecting them in lineage. Or same happens in connecting Jesus and Old Testament tradition, or Attila and Roman Christianity.

PHYSICAL DEVASTATION AND DESACRALISATION: holy places, systems, lands and languages, races, sexes, roles, entities

VIOLENT ERADICATION OF ATOMIC PAST AND PRESENT: targeted cultic and cultural devastations, MEMORY ERASAL throughout Europe, Near- and Middle-East. Semitic, Habsburg, Nazi, commercial and industrial SYSTEMATIC DEVASTATION AND DESTRUCTION OF ENERGETIC CENTRES, TEMPLES AND SITES: tendency began by Akkadian terrorism c.2000 BC

Compare the mentality of the MAG with its manipulated, primarily SELF-REPRESSIVE AND SELF-DESTRUCTIVE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN DOGMA PROGRAM:

1. The Bible vindicates for the Jewish race, particularly the Semitic patriarchal mafia, exclusive right to the Biblical water, by division and subordination of all other peoples, beginning with the woman (moral blame and matricide) and the brother (moral and physical fratricide, KAIN-PROGRAM). Program of blame and shame on others. Program of living at the cost of others (entire gender, races, nature submitted). Crazy program of sacrificing another being or element for one’s own advancement, taking another’s living space and life energy for one’s own happiness. Greed, aggression, self-pity, self-justification: compensation for inner cultic, energetic insufficiency: loss of the cultic code, the atomic model of existence and attitude: the way to sit around fire and water.
2. The Bible is not original myth, its creation stories are taken from the Sumerian MAG source. (No credit ever given.) The Bible chronicles THE DEVASTATION OF ancient sanctity: THE SOURCE (Goddess, materia prima, woman, family, Earth, homeland, atomism), and the BUILDING OF A BLOODY SAND CASTLE, a colonial empire. (No repent ever expressed. Cause of extreme bad conscience.) The Bible, as all later colonial propaganda, turns stories and roles upside-down, inside-out, to its own advantage. (No willingness to ever admit.)
3. Jesus. Tricky question, because he was from the race of the MAG (Mary was Princess of Parthian Adiabene), but primarily in terms of MENTALITY, TRADITION, AND UNDERTAKING, and only secondarily in terms of blood-line!

1. Jewish racial program vindicates the historical role of being chosen as first, superior, and only oracles of God: patriarchal bluff and coup. Arrogant left-brain attitude coded in language structure: division and subordination – linear compensation. See British India. Indo-European following of the Semitic mould. See on all levels of politics and society.
2. Semitic attitude towards family. Familial coup. Maternity. Total denial of the Divine Mother (OM, virgin matter), dividing and subordinating her by a self-imposed linguistic mental structure: limited self-view. Stigmatising their own women as impure. (Women are purified every month by the tidal waves of a beautiful nocturnal pearl of light!) Mistrust and hate for original natural sanctuaries, the mysteries of Mother Earth, and female cults. At the same time, maternal blood-line is kept, as well as Lunar tradition – the distant Jewish past, beyond the dark age of biblical, patriarchal lies and ruling ambitions. Original Cult of the Goddess present in memory – denial and longing: schizophrenic state, root of today’s historical hysteria. Where is Jahwa? The lost counterparts are two sides of a membrare of reality, as there was once a function and a cult. Patriarchy: mutiny at home, mutiny in the brain. Shadow on the heart. Fraternity. Read the story of Kain and Abel, Isaac and Ismael. Hebrew attitude towards the Arab: using the other but sacrificing the other any day. Look at how the biblical and historical Jewish script-writers treat the Arabs (and Arabised races), their own direct brothers with whom they share a language and a land (language and land are both Mother!), taking them for bastards, deceiving, fuelling, manipulating, uprooting, using, blaming and sacrificing them. Sister. Division and subordination. Denied right of her sanctity: not even having a word for priestess: mental self-suffocation, suffocation of an entire gender and universal principle, suffocation of natural-cosmic connections of the woman within the tribe! The tribe needing to colonise is insufficient, un-autonomous, cannot fulfil its original function, cannot sound its original song in the choir of races – precisely because Hamurabbi’s bloody pole rules the Semitic house, Eve gets the all blame, innocently, and there is a Feminine Principle not veiled but buried. No respect: no self-respect: bad conscience. Paternity. Projection of a frustrated, threatening yet lonely father. Half of the magnet, never content, never contenting. Our own. How could those script-writers devise such familial deceit, manipulation, and blood sacrifice, as the pogroms, the Holocaust, or 9’11? Nothing is sacred, neither oil nor wine, nor even the blood of our own tribe? Only the supremely isolated ego on top of a sand castle.
3.Jewish-Vaticani Jesus (exclusive rights and credits to the life and heritage of a forged character, whom they actually killed and keep killing every day. The “rub”: Jesus was a goi MAGus from Partian Galilee, but Christ is a cosmic source of light: a force within, in-divisible, in-subordinable, in-isolable. Certainly not a racially or tribally – or gender-wise monopolisable force, you cannot nail him/her/it, but its sign is the SUN-CROSS, a force that comes from the Atomic model! The contemplation and sense of MAGness, realisation of MAGical existence. Not an exclusive, but a personal and collective model! Christ: force of the atomic mould: child of AT and OM: which we are all free to realise in ourselves, our original nature, operation, and structure. Christ is the structure, the ATOMIC MODEL ITSELF: an inner force, and a natural-cosmic force. In-isolable.

Morphogenesis of the European Judeo-Christian conspiracy

After Jesus’s death (33? AD), the road was cleared before total historical forgery, joint attack of Europe: Judeo-Roman, assisted by Persia and Greece

After Attila’s death (453 AD), the road was cleared before a new wave of Imperialisation: Bible, Eastern-Western pillars. method: manipulation, corruption, murder. Byzantium and Rome were fast at work to secure the anti-atomic rule of Europe, a small Semitic terrorist head (two books) with a big East-West-Roman imperial body (one book, having swallowed Italian, Gall, Celtic, Hispanic, Scandinavian, Germanic, Slavic nations). The roots of both head and body are also obscured before themselves. Semitic-born souls have a pain, a Mother, and a historical truth to face! Three big books of Patriarchal rule: all three from the same lobby!

1000 AD through various nasty and bloody tricks (primarily holding the Sacral Crown hostage, manipulating its energetic system) Byzantium and Rome managed to blackmail the new Apostle King István (St.Stephen) to take up Roman Christianity, i.e. submit to the colonial law of a lawless Europe. What happens between Attila’s triumphant approach to Rome, and István’s acceptance of a cruel law: to sacrifice the ancient cults of the Magyars. Surely the propaganda said that new Roman Christianity is really not so different from ancient atomic Magyar Light-Christianity (fény-kör-östen=light-circle-God: FÉNYKERESZTÉNY), the original God-given faith of the oldest nation on Earth. “After all, Jesus came to you too, and you can meet HIM through US.” The stories and the dogma, indeed, have only few but key alterations. Liturgy is entirely different. Latin liturgy! Churches entirely different. The APPROACH TO GOD entirely different: Patriarchal God: FATHER IN ABSENCE. The cult entirely different: centralised, totally controlled meditation. Nature and the woman entirely expelled. Vital focus turned: focusing on the dying body outside, instead of focusing on the living soul inside. Roman Christianity is a cunning construction of total mind control. In the first place, people were TERRORISED INTO ROMAN CHURCHES. Books, men, women were burnt, cultic tools, places banished and ruined. Energy and the invisible world locked, dark world of bad conscience established. RUNIC SCRIPT ABOLISHED! ROOTS TORN UP. Latin is a different, rootless visual program, plus its direction is the opposite (runic right-to-left). Taking away the religion of a deeply religious nation. Taking away the past of a deeply rooted nation.

ideological monopoly of the GLOBAL PATRIARCHAL LOBBY: TOTAL CONSPIRACY OF COLONIAL STATES (see The Pearl image 45.)

America is the new Rome, much worse: producing even less value and more devastation. More primitive, yet more hypnotic and hypocritical. The karmic record of America itself is doom, for America was built on devastation, built on yet earlier devastations in Europe and the Near East.

necessary fall: cultic death before the renewal of each cycle: pre-liminal phase of initiation

the two poles are two ASPECTS of the same phenomenon. the formal gender distinction made by most languages today is an incorrect interpretation, overriding the subtle, aspectual, qualitative difference with the immediate fall into linear logic, where the either/or brings the avalanche of he over, above, beyond, before she. (see Code of balance, harmony, and order)

fall: the motion outside of the Will of Creation, outside the LAW of the ATOM

language is a GMO, history is also a GMO

politics: look at the servile readiness with which countries adopt GMO languages, programs, and now GMO foods! the same tribes who so willingly joined the Roman Empire, the Roman creed, and all the tendencies of colonialism, now willingly partake in poisoning the food of their own children

entropy of our cycle of human history allows for a certain quantity of disorder, devaluation,  and degeneration - but no more!

Law of the Source provides the possibility of reversibility: gender-split colonial civilisation is itself the direct, explicit reversal of order (see The Pearl images 33-34, 43-44.)

those who participate or even just benefit from colonialism are involved

Read excerpt from The Cultic Code, The Living Books of Paul Bowles, II. Colonial shadows – problem paradigm.

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Gender-coded patriarchy, war, sexism, colonialism, slavery, lies. Educational preconditioning based on historical lies: towards a truly dominated world.

system of subservience: hierarchy of colonial subservience for meat – but this physical power bought from the stolen gold and land is not real power, only a balloon – while cell memory is repressed

colonial civilisations are OPPRESSIVE AND REPRESSED by the gender-splitting mental program