Free women, free energy


“the world would never find peace until men fell at their women’s feet and asked for forgiveness” (Jack Kerouac, On the Road)


“If the book and the nightingale disagree, listen to the nightingale.” (Sufi proverb)


the only road to free energy is the liberation of women, feminine capacities, and natural life. BACK TO THE EARTH, THE ARCHAIC, THE ROOT, THE ATOM, THE ORIGIN, THE SOURCE, back to the law of natural and cosmic life

THE WOMAN (inside-outside, above-below) and THE GODDESS (inside-outside, above-below) is NOT A PARTIAL, POLAR REALITY as complementary with and opposed to man and God. THE WOMAN AND THE GODDESS IS AN INTER-DIMENSIONAL SUPER-GENDER PROGRAM OF CREATION deep inside, beyond physical figures. THE WOMAN is a totally autonomous creative vehicle (MAG): original operation, nature, structure of the ATOM preserved in the XX chromosome state! In individual human evolution, the sense of having XX is earlier, more complete, and more definitive than the sense of having XY! the relation between male and female parts is analogous with the relation of soul-mind-body functions, or with the structural functions of parts of the seed: the body developing a complex toward the soul, its source, is absurd. sense of distance, helplessness, inferiority, futility, physical imperfection, being left, and insufficiency are all connected to the primal trial of atomic existence: physical trials of the soul, first and last trials of the ego-soul to keep the divine soul in focus: direct challenges of SOUL POWER (source of energy) AND MAG-ORIENTEDNESS (aim of energy). To remember the ATOMIC SIGN and what it TEACHES ABOUT the mechanism & order of LEVELS OF REALITY, AND SPHERES OF ENERGY, such as body-spirit-soul (see all images of The Pearl providing maps for the ego towards its own source and sense of wholeness in the MAG structure of the soul, see particularly 29, 31-2, 35, 38.) In this sense, the MAG really is our very own universal source of wholeness, connection, and belonging: the MAG is our soul, the soul that is the world, which gives birth to the energy of spirit and the structure of matter in every single atomic particle, physical and meta-physical. What we sense as the LABYRINTH of the world and time is really the ENERGETIC SPIRAL OF A GREAT LIVING ORGANISM: the INNER DIFFERENTIATION AND PULSE of a great collective World Seed, and our own individual greater MAG-ic reality.

Tibetan women


FEMALE PANTOCRATOR: CO-SAVIOUR with the Son (see The Pearl image 90.), CO-CREATOR with the Father (world-birther/dreamer), but also the original whole, atomic, autonomous human system or crystal grid (images 98-101.), the celestial sikara (szikra=spark, szekér=chariot, images 96-97.), the arc (bárka) of light (image 85.). The Woman (NŐ in Magyar) really is NOE (Noah), the state of being a vehicle or arc, the connecting channel between Heaven and Earth, Energy and Matter. The World Tree, the systematic symbol of the world’s pulsating, living sphere is such a super-gender yet arch-feminine mystery.

the MAG encourages us to let cell memory and natural energies speak, let the atomic structure and its live matter and energy manifest itself freely. let OUR OWN INNER HOLISTIC, POSITIVE, SUPER-GENDER NATURE regenerate itself through revision! see examples of successful wildlife regeneration. living in the present: responsible for every plastic bag we throw away, every negative cause we support unconsciously. no plastic, no artifice, no gender-splitting, no GMO production or use, no false information, no unnatural God, no inorganic systems, let go of forced structures of denial – step out of the self-destructive vortex through purifying revision, into the eternal spring of the soul: deep cell memory, a sound, a feeling of absolute pure happiness. This is the field of our larger reality, meta-narrative and meta-physical – or rather proto-physical energetic existence.

free matter and free energy trapped by the global patriarchal paradigm: non-atomic program suffocates but cannot exterminate immanent wholeness, divine femininity, and historical truth. social position of women denied also diverts history: feminine creativity, power, sensitivity, and channel is the gate of humanity into divinity!

liberation: return to the atomic model of life, let the wilderness speak, let the Goddess speak, let the inner magnet regenerate

free energy of Tesla is still tied to matter, and so remains outside of matter! to get inside of matter, in order to properly utilise infinite soul energy, one must become, “descend” into being infinite soul matter: become ONE with the MOTHER SOURCE OF LIFE (not so easy for the macho conspirators and bullies of political, military, and abstract financial rule, who have been usurping and violating the material and motherly sources of the Earth since 2600 BC). to be ENLIGHTENED BY the original PRIMA MATERIA. (See The Pearl image 55.) path leads through seeing the source of light as dark, and sensing the passage as descent. PATH=GATE, to pass through the gate is to go down the alley of life. reach the source of inner energy through the loop: outer dark and descent is experienced as inner light and ascent. not merely in cult and meditation, but in life work – life as art. to become the ALMA MATER, the NOURISHING SOURCE of our beloved ones, our circles, our community, and our race. The colonial paradigm limits or confiscates our freedom to live life artfully, harmoniously, it directly disturbs our magnetic resonance by putting the manipulated mental program of gender-splitting, intuition-veiling language in our mind: linguistic chip, a little crack to keep the natural human frequency out of synch with nature and the cosmos

in the larger energetic cycle, however, the negative pole which we see and experience as historical BAD, may be a great catalyst double agency. to turn a sense of loss into real energetic, existential gain, a sense of futility into the RECOGNITION OF A POSITIVE POINT TO EVERYTHING: like good drama. understanding the absolute benevolence of the atomic system, we may believe that all injustice, suffering, inner struggle and imperfection, sense of distance is a pre-liminal phase to a birth, a betterment, an identification