Runic magic


 ATOMIC mag manifest in differentiated form / structure

Runic alphabet

See ancient runic traces in the depths of True history

the ancient Magyar runic script includes consonants and vowles (masculine and feminine sounds), its direction is right-to-left (ascending mental resonance, see The Pearl image 73.)

Magyar-Szekely-Hun runic alphabet

consonants: masculine, vowels: feminine energy. the runes are most probably NOT speculative or arbitrary but organic: present on deep-cell level, cosmic figures corresponding to mental figures in a precise system. the above table does not contain all the existent ancient Hungarian runes, however. compare: 64 hands of kung fu


all figures of the Székely-Magyar runic alphabet are figured within the flower of life cosmogram, as Hungarian researchers have already pointed out!

Flower of Life


Flower of Life cosmogram typical in Isis sancturaies, from Transylvania to Egypt

Amagdala rovas