Leukippos: Myth and initiation


“to triumph over pain, and by extension, over death itself” (Paul Bowles, Africa Minor, in: Their Hands Are Green)


“Take me to the other end of the city
where no one knows the difference between you and me.” (Paul Bowles, Next to Nothing)


dual Saka


Clear certainty that Greek mythology is rooted entirely in the MAG tradition: the Karpathian-Sumerian-Scythian Atomic tradition featured in the etymology and structure of MAG languages! –which were exterminated, broken and submitted by the anti-Semitic Semitic program (gender-split patriarchy), once the colonial urge set in

1. etymologically Zeus=SZŰZ, Leto=Látó, Pallas/Apolló=PÁLOS/PÁL, Helen=SZÉP HELÉNA=TÜNDÉRSZÉP ILONA, Prometheus=PáRo-Médeus: Mede Mada Maga Magar MAGus of the Cult of Light

2. in notions such as

  1. virgin birth: insemination of women by divinity, CREATION FROM TOTALITY: ∑:1


  3. Hermes=HÁRMAS: triadic CREATIVE PRINCIPLE, 1:3

  4. the hero’s journey: MAG tradition of the alchemical passage, by which the hero reaches his/her own centre through travelling the edge of his/her own existence, through darkness, into light: CREATIVE CONCENTRIC LABYRINTH, 1: ∑

3. in archetypal figures of MAGical people undergoing trial for justice: trial for light (MAG races: all the colonised traditions, nations, cultures, languages, mentalities, lives of the world) e.g. Prometheus who brings down the heavenly fire

4. in its entire SYNOPTIC STRUCTURE: it is by no means linear, either/or, or gender-divided: the female and the male story are convergent. System of synoptic analogies.

Read excerpt from The Cultic Code, The Living Books of Paul Bowles, CONCLUSION, Transformed vision (pp.192-195.)

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See the metanarrative, astral, and cultic fields of meaning in all Hungarian folk tales! proper rites of passage, recounted and evoked!

mythos=mould/model for LIFE!


1.connections of Leukippos
2.meanings/versions of the story and character


"moon-shaped hoof of Leucippe ('White Mare'), the Mareheaded Mother herself" (in Robert Graves, The White Goddess) - see Fehérlófia or 'Son of the White Mare', hero of Magyar folk tales (LÓKUPÁS=MAREHEADED in Magyar!)

Leukippos myth rooted in the myth of Orion! (Joseph Eddy Fontenrose, Orion: A Myth of the Hunter and the Huntress) – Orion tradition: Nimrud, the Great Hunter, /analogous with Gilgames and Hercules!

ORION = ARANY (gold) = ARÁNY (proportion) = ERÉNY (virtue)

Daphne: Leukippos and Daphne: polar aspect

Daphné: to Fné: FÉNY (light)? FA-NŐ (tree-woman)

Ovid already generalises and distances the story of chase between Dapné and Apolló: hunting the hunter, if Daphné=Artemis. through love, Apollo is analogous with Artemis: PARALLEL RELAITIES MIRRORED ON THE NARRATIVE GENDER-DIVIDE! – this thype of cultural mentality preserves the essential unity between genders: between all twos! who is the hunter, who is hunted? masculine, feminine? reversible game. – trains the audience to polar switch and thus polar suspension: meditative! MAG tradition: the chase between poles takes place in the magnetic field of the narrative

Leto = LÁTÓ (seeress), LÉT (being), LÓ (mare)
polar children of Leto: Artemis-Apollo BOTH ANDROGYNOUS
ARTHEMIS=TAMMUZ/Tamás androgynous
APOLLO=PALLAS androgynous
Leukippos associated with both Artemis and Apollo!

Parthenios version: D. is a Laconian girl, whom Artemis favours

Diodoros: after the epigonoi seized Thebes and took her captive, D. wrote oracles of all sorts (Homer, they say, took many verses from her compositions). As an inspired speaker of oracles she was called Sybil!

Elsewhere Manto (Seeress) is the name of Teiresias’ daughter whom the epigonoi brought to Delphi.

The Delphic Sybil was usually called Herophile. In a hymn attributed to her she called herself Artemis, saying that she was Apollo’s wedded wife, and also his sister and daughter. (Pausanias)

Also identical with the Parnassian nymph Kastalia

Eustathios: she was the first woman on earth

priestess whose official title was promantis or prophetis: oracle/prophetess at Delphi

Daphne and Leukippos are related through mutual love. Analogy, identity, e.g. in being descended from water divinity.


The excellence and divine connectedness of the Leukippos archetype suggests, that Leukippos is a form of our inner Greater Self: more High and MAGical (MAGAS-MAGOS), more Complete and Cosmic (TELJES-TEJES) than our gender-split reality.

In several stories, Leukippos is a girl dressed as boy, or vice versa. Reversible gender: BEYOND GENDER: A MODE OF VISION, AND A MODE OF LIFE! Benevolent deception, winning love, favoured by Artemis/Leto

Artemis Leukophrene, Great Goddess of Magnesia-on-Meander, once called Leukophris falls in love with Leukippos

1.Lycian L. was son of a river god. Poseidon often has the character of a river-god, and alternates with river-gods in myths (Apollodoros). Cretan L. was the child of Galateia, probably a form of the Nereid of that name. L., Daphne’s lover, was the son of Oinomaos, who was a son of Ares and the nymph Harpina, the river-god Asopos’ daughter. It is Daphne who was daughter of Sea and Earth as a child of the river-god and Ge.

2a. Cretan L. was very beautiful as a woman, and remained beautiful as a man.

2b.Lycian L. was superior to others in strength.

2c. Lycian L. was precipitate and heedless in his defence of his sister, not observing his adversary.

3. L. was a skilled hunter.

4. L. was companion and lover of Daphne, and she loved him. Iphis (Cretan L.) wanted to marry Ianthe.

5. L. offended Daphne and her companions by intruding as a man into their virgin band.

6. L. aroused Apollo’s jealousy.

7. Daphne’s band killed L.

8. L. tricked Daphne by disguising himself as a maiden to enter her band.

9.  Leto transformed Cretan L. into a man. Ge or Zeus or Peneios turned Daphne into a bay tree. (Kerényi says, in reference to Daphné as bay tree, that it is certainly the tree which unites the two genders most perfectly.) Daphné: FA-NŐ (tree-woman) – the TREE is a totem even more archaic than the bird or the horse: total, autonomous system of life: MANIFESTATION OF THE TOTAL LIFE OF THE MAG

10. An image of Cretan L. stood in the sanctuary of Leto Pythie at Phaistos. (Phaistos-Pystos-BIZTOS) This image had supernatural powers: it was the custom for every bride to lie beside it at her wedding. The Ekdysia festival commemorated L’s change of sex. It appears therefore, that L was honoured as a hero or local deity. Lycian L was probably worshipped as founder-hero of Magnesia-on-Meander.

The Daphne-L myth, taken together with the Cretan or Lycian Leukippoi, shows nearly all features of the Orion and Aktaion myths

Aktaion: as L. saw Artemis bathing, she turns him into a deer, A’s dogs rip him apart, his mother gathers his bones. Orion: Artemis loves him but kills him

matryoska mummy

MATRYOSHKA principle:
The relation of these mythical-divine figures corresponds to the system of onion peels, or the nested box principle (Chinese boxes), or nested doll principle (MATRYOSHKA principle). See ancient Egyptian nested mummies! See the Sibyl mystery’s matryoshka effect: goddess - natural force – oracle - priestess - person analogy. See also the archaic Magyar creative formula cited in The Sybil mystery: Sky gave birth to Earth… Object within identical object of a larger scale: metaphor of the analogous qualitative system, which connects divinity, humanity, and the elements (cosmic-human-natural scales of energy): SEQUENTIAL CONCENTRIC system: spiral of energy and matter. Matryoshka: maternal, material structuration! This principle is predominantly clearly matriarchal! This matriarchy, however, is not the polar pair of patriarchy, but maintains the original gender wholeness of humanity: these Goddesses, priestesses are not not-men, but beyond the either/or of gender! Arch birth-givers, presenting the arch creative principle: creation from totality. Mother/mummy, in this respect, is not not-father, but primal matter (materia prima) in which energy is in a yet unformulated boundless freedom. This creative principle, which forms a channel between dimensions, like a labyrinth of transmission, is present in the interpretive system of MAGic mythology, but wholly absent from religious and social systems where divinity, humanity, and nature are categorically separated: in the gender-splitting pseudo-tradition. Chinese boxes: Hun pattern (Chinese devastate and usurp Hun culture, people, and lands to this day), Russian dolls: Scythian pattern (Russians devastate and usurp Scythian culture, people, and lands to this day), Egyptian mummies: MAG pattern (Egyptian civilisation was built on/by atomic MAGic formulae). The point is: figures of divinity are directly rooted in human memory, accessible at all times! The Goddess is the arch-figure (centre of the nest, at once the whole collection itself): LETO, the androgynous meta-mother, who gives birth to Artemis and Apollo, the pair of double-gendered twin couple, from whom all further creation flows.

3.The initiation

Antonius Liberalis: they call the festival Ekdysia, in memory of the moment when the girl laid aside her peplos (garment). It is customary, before the nuptials, to lie down beside an image of Leukippos.

EKDYSIA = IGITUS = ÉGI TŰZ (celestial fire, Promethean Mede-Scythian tradition)

Ekdysia likely to have been a prenuptial fertility rite for girls, or perhaps a dokimasia of boys. (In Ancient Greece, dokimasia was the name used at Athens to denote the process of ascertaining the capacity of the citizens for the exercise of public rights and duties.)

Ritual reversal of sex, as ritual reversal of social roles! with the aim of lifting the veil from metaphysical reality, which is beyond roles! A ritual elevation into totality: opens a new spiral of evolution for the initiant: new options, possibilities, strengths, tasks. See all tribal rites of passage!

the roots of gender are in the principle of LOVE: gender is the self-reflection of unity. metaphor of humanity: a triple diptych: masculine-feminine, inner-outer, physical-metaphysical: 3x2=FLOWER OF LIFE (ÉLETVIRÁG-ÉLET-VILÁG: flower, light, world of life)

WARNING and PREPARATION! FORESHADOWING POLAR CHANGE! The message of LEUKIPPOS is connected to the message of the SIBYL OF TROY: the ritual death between the two poles is signalled by three days of darkness! Oracle of reversibility! Gender-split languages are irreversible – because the I is never split! If the linguistic civilizational program were to be reversed, all the division and subordination we have ever imposed by the he/she/it will turn against the imperial capital I. The judgement of the atomic mirror, the mirror of racial & gender consciousness & conscience, is executed by the PRINCIPLE OF REVERSIBILITY/EXCHANGABILITY: the immediate reflection of the creative outpour of the source: breathing process of creation.