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“Datta: what have we given?
My friend, blood shaking my heart
The awful daring of a moment’s surrender
Which an age of prudence can never retract
By this, and this only, we have existed.” (T.S.Eliot, The Waste Land)



SHALOM!=Peace!  (Hebrew) SALAAM!=Peace! (Arabic) SZELLEM!=Spirit! (Magyar)



MAG/Magyar is not a partial category, not an exclusive race or cast! MAGYAR IS THE BASIC HUMAN FUNCTION!!! To become a MAG, to feel, think, say, do, and live something MAGical, something compatible with the atomic universe. To realise that THE HUMAN BEING IS unconditionally A MAG, AN ATOMIC ENTITY AND MAGNETIC SYSTEM, AUTONOMOUS PART OF THE ATOMIC MAGNETIC EMPIRE OF LIFE. Magyar is THE ORIGINAL UNIVERSAL MODE OF BEING: a mode of vision and a mode of life operated, nurtured, and structured BY ATOMIC REALITY, at once operating, nurturing, and structuring ATOMIC REALITY:
MAG-ÁR: flow of the seed or ATOM (operator)
MAG-ŐR: keeper of the seed or ATOM (nurturer)
MAG-ÚR: lord of the seed or ATOM (structurer)

Guatemala stone

archaic mythical, musical, symbolic, ritual, architectural, bardic cultic traditions carry the MAGic tradition in their CYCLICAL ATOMIC MAG PATTERN of organisation
the cult of non-violence, PEACE, ORDER, COOPERATION, COORDINATION, the cult of the CENTRE the MAG is the deep cell pattern of all people on Earth!

SEM=MAG (Magyar: szem=eye, magszem=seed) common root in the ATOMic tradition!historically: opposite system, Semitic program is predator (division and subordination coded in language structure of gender-splitting), MAG program becomes prey (submitting oneself rather than being submissive)  –  denial of spiritual source coded in Semitic MAG-SPLITTING LANGUAGE STRUCTURE
ritually: same system, Sem and MAG both belong to the world of the Seed – spiritual source coded in Semitic MAG-IC LANGUAGE VOCABULARY
– inner tension! this tension is the root of all civilizational schizophrenia, coded in the gender-split. immanent paradox in the fact that “Semitic” tribes ISOLATE THEMSELVES FROM THE ATOMIC LAW since the Akkadian breach from MAGic Sumer, in c.2600 BC. the crack of isolation has spread all over the world, now the isolative programs like demons driving their speakers amok. political PREDATOR AS VICTIM of mental mis-conditioning. deep down, millennia below our momentary consciousness and conscience, the entire human race belongs to the MAG system as body (collective race), spirit (collective mentality), and soul (collective devotion)

MENTALITY OF THE ATOMIC BODY AND SOUL: successful transmission of the deep biological and psychic pattern of the ATOM into mentality, attitude, and behaviour: real alchemy, target of life. The etymology of Semitic languages carries the mark of MAGness: the key word in both majorly gender-splitting languages relates to the old racial belonging: the belonging to THE ANCIENT SPIRIT OF PEACE. The spirit of peace has only one law, and that is THE ATOMIC STRUCTURE. This was the law of all tribes and races before 2600 BC when He was first separated from She in language, and consequently political and social oppression, colonisation, and war appeared.

Crespi Nimrod

The essence of MAG culture is best described by an example, which we cite from the film Imuhar. The caravan cruising the Sahara Desert stops in an oasis, and a new water spring is opened. Aman, aman, aman!, goes the yell of victory when water rises from the earth. Aman-Iman: water, and life (the difference is only a vowel: a female generation). The clan who opens the source sets up camp a little distant from the source, so that newcomers can later also move up to it and gather around. The people encircle the MAGnetic centre of the spring concentrically. The source belongs to everyone: it is a LIVING MAGNETIC CENTRE, and around it a SUPER(/META)-PHYSICAL MAGNETIC FIELD arranges itself. Beyond the NOBLE ATOMIC LAW upheld by the elders of the Berber clan, it is clear from this example, that the magnet, once found physically, is not a physical magnet any more: the one who sits further does not get less in spirit than the one who sits closer, or the one who drinks more. The water found is more than physical water: it is life!

The PATTERNS WATER MAKES IN THE DESERT are analogous with the PATTERNS OUR ORIGINAL, COMMON MAG LANGUAGES MAKE IN THE MIND! Concentric, coordinative language, social behaviour, and life pattern. The question of authority is also clarified: it is this mentality which attributes all authority to the source. This is the same culture as that of Leukippos, whose name is the name of an order, totally concealing the author's individual identity. The program of the Berbers, and the program of the Aegean Scythians and the Karpathian Hun-Szkíta-Magyars are entirely identical. (Difference: Berber script tifnagh does not include vowels. Dominance of consonants: patriarchal influence.) The original single human pattern manifests itself in a beautiful variety of cultural ways. We may imagine how beautiful the variety was when all races lived in their original tongue and original liturgy of faith, before patriarchy de-throned the Goddess and established he-over-she, one-against-the-other type of thinking.

Look at all the concentric patterns of archaic cultures: all of them build on the MAG, the SEED, the ATOM! The seed is the mould of humanity and of the universe which patriarchal cultures rebel against: until this very day. Look at mandalas, stupas, gyrating figures, tipis, round temples, megalithic circles, wheat circles! They are all created by MAG cultures where the language is concentric, unbroken by gender. linear arrangement: spider-web. the SPIDER-WEB or LABYRINTH motif represents the interwoven mystery of matter and energy in the world, sealed by the atomic model of the seed!  Aren't we all children of the labyrinth? A GENDER-SPLIT LINGUISTIC KEY IS FORCED ONTO US ALL, SO AS NOT TO FLY the falcon (szellem, spirit), NOT TO OPEN the totality within (lélek, soul)!

Budda darma

ARCHAIC GLOBAL MAG NETWORK: megalithic culture, energetic, communicative and civilisational high-tech, MAG language, ethnic motifs, pentatonic music, runes -  all of these features OPERATE BY THE PRINCIPLE OF THE MAG: THE ATOM, THE MAGNET, THE SEED

centre: Karpathian MAGyar arch homeland (common human heritage)
most diverse artefactual folk art
most diverse folk dance culture
most folk songs
most folk tales on Earth
+ overwhelming majority of MAGyar linguistic etymon content

MEGALITHIC: only possible with metaphysical MAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY! Based on the central focus of all forms, from stones to crystals etc. megalithic technology must come from astral technology, as planets are the most perfectly balanced forms: the origin of forms

levels of MAGness: cultic identity of MAG human race of the Earth, cultic identity of race (functional specification), tribe (quality), family (blood-line), individual MAG life lived

global network of MAG human race and peoples: see The Pearl images 33-34.  – the network holds all humanity, maintaining the common MAG language, the original LANGUAGE OF THE HEART

the founding works of New Atomism go around and into the cult of the MAG

for the natural-cultural-cosmic network, see the whole of The Pearl

for depths and specifics, see the whole of The Cultic Code

knowledge of the GREAT GODDESS (BEYOND SHE!): BAU, Pallas, Kybelé, Istar – arch-Earth, metaphysical Earth: PRIMAL VIRGIN GOD/ESS: original, immaculate, pre-creative conception of Matter and Energy (see Zeus=SZŰZ=VIRGIN, and sushumna=SZUSZ/SZŰZ=BREATH/VIRGIN). TO KNOW THE GODDESS IS TO REMEMBER OUR PLACE OF ORIGIN: the physical cave and its gate (submission to and respect for The Woman), as well as the metaphysical space and its gate (submission and regard of the part to the whole). the energy gate through which we are transfigured from soul to body is key in recognising our Greater Selves. the passage of transformation (birth), and every rite of passage since is the illusion of being on the road is MERELY the LINEARISED, TEMPORALLY MANIFEST FIGURE of the REAL SPHERIC, TIMELESS FIGURE of GOING INTO LIFE. embryo-time and physical birth is a transfiguration, but really the whole passage of life is also a transfiguration, a passage into life!!! WE ARE NOT YET BORN. First the soul becomes body, and now we must return the body to the soul: uplift all heavy matter and pain to become affirmative, ever praising life – the more difficult it is to praise life with light heart, the greater the victory. the narrower the gate, the freer the spirit will be – the older and freer the spirit, the greater its undertaking.

significance of gates in pre-colonial cultures: THE GATE IS THE GODDESS! Memoria, Babba

sub-, super-, proto-atomic mother crystal vibration: arch-matter, virgin matter

breath + heart-beat: basic flow and pulse of the universe

MAGic táltos-mágus-shaman religions: direct connection realised

MAGi: knowledge of forces & signs of natural & astral worlds: COOPERATION! place of human race: midst of natural-astral reality, not isolated but cooperating through the COMMON ATOMIC LANGUAGE (LAW, STRUCTURED LOVE))

MAG: complete natural-human-cosmic system

Vietnam eternity

photo by Amagdala

all concentric figures (stone-wheat-circles, cyclical art, cyclical vision, thinking, speaking, living): THE CIRCULAR RITUAL FIGURE

THE ATOMIC CULTIC FIGURE manifests itself: ecstatic practice, magic, music, story-telling, recital, and language – all these channels are polluted by inorganic content!

Read excerpt from The Cultic Code, The Living Books of Paul Bowles, I.4.1-5. Cultic forms.

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Fate of the MAG: a complete cycle of life

cosmic fate: MAGness is not exclusively Global, but universal. the whole cosmic system is MAGic: ATOMic! the cosmos registers all MAG cycles!
natural fate: see the fate of seeds, sleeping in apparent death for a timeless time, from which they regenerate the program of growth in a MAGical way: from hidden static life – to manifest dynamic life – with a surplus of energy
historical fate: to experience lack of light and uphold light, to go through apparent death and achieve new stages of life. to realise cycles of development! MAG: the emblem of physical, temporal, energetic cycles
colonial fate of the MAG: always colonised, always in defence, always the underdog and the prey – the Atomic Law does not allow otherwise. injustice and humiliation is a key initiation of the MAG, requiring a leap of faith

MAG: a king in disguise, unrecognised, seeing and experiencing injustice and humiliation

original place on Earth: EDEN – ATOM

FATE OF THE MAG: CHRISTIAN FATE (Christ, Cross) directly, literally, figuratively, genetically – to live and transform by the Sun-cross (The sun cross or circle cross is the sign of light in the MAGic Cult of Light, see The Pearl images 5-6., 91-93.) The MAG fate was the undertaking of Jesus, as it is the undertaking of all MAG and MAGYAR sacral, royal, and warrior races, peoples, tribes, casts, families, and individuals. Trial of faith in time: to believe one’s sacrifice and efforts for betterment go further than one’s temporally and physically isolated reality. Bet everything on the Supreme, Absolutely Positive metanarrative and metaphysical reality of love, the omnipresence and omnipotence of Divine Care.


MAG cultures: natural fractalisation of the MAG racial pattern (keeping the original model throughout its variation and evolution)
non-atomic cultures: unnatural manipulation of language program (leaving the original model). Patriarchal history is a sequence of unnatural breaches from the original human MAG tree. E.g. Germanic and Hun people separate by 4000 BC, remain in contact for thousands of years, Roman Imperial conquest and corruption of language, 1000 Rome begins to destroy Magyar heritage through Church, 1490 Judeo-Germanic Habsburg house begins to destroy Magyar heritage through state, 2015 Judeo-Saxon America begins to try to destroy Magyar seeds of nature (TTIP, GMO already in the Karpathian area)

Semitic Hun (sem=seed=mag, hun=ham/kan) tribes breach from the Hun body with an experiment?: cultic inner coup. the gender-splitting language program: breaching from inner wholeness, by denying the rights and existence of the entire Feminine Principle: one half of our own living magnetism

from this moment in history, there is colonialism, and the colonial fate of the MAG-faithful people is sealed: always the underdog, always the victim. to rule over another being is totally against the nature of the MAG. See Tibetan reaction to Chinese invasion. The whole logic of EITHER/OR is a provocation by gender-splitting languages: a trial, in a way, a systematic, conscious trial of faith for all people of the earth. The axiom of the whole gender-splitting paradigm is: you must choose between praying to your Father God or your Mother God, you must differentiate between your right and left-brain capacities, feminine and masculine features etc. NO! These operate on the principle of love, which is an identification. By MAG nature, the law of the ATOM is not either/or (vagy-vagy) but ALSO (is-is). The aggressively provoked grand political game of having to choose between the position of aggressor or victim, winner or loser: the MAGi can only choose the loser side so as not to violate the LAW OF PEACE. The coordinative, concentric mentality of coexistence on Earth is carried by MAG cultures and languages: it is the LAW OF PEACE itself, the SHALOM, SALAAM, SZELLEM in the atomic structure. the seal is also the spirit!!! both immovable and moving - both "feminine" and "masculine"

the double positive turns into double negative connection in Patriarchy: from a God once both feminine and masculine, a world becomes a ground of predator or prey. dialectic materialism is a FALSE PARADIGM, where one must choose between the role of predator or prey (instituted by Semitically influenced Greek Sophism)

choose not between the feminine or masculine, but primarily between stronger and weaker personal options to real life situations: evolution or devolution – choose between better (truthful) or worse (truthless) solutions to paradigmatic situations: truth-oriented or disoriented.
three functions, three aspects of life: three ways to choose from: BODY, MIND, SOUL – should be coordinated (MAG functions: body-hám, mind-szik, soul-mag) by magnetic operation – the coordinative tool, language is manipulated: broken structurally, so as to prevent the harmonious operation of atomic wholeness/health (individual, racial, global)

The phenomenon of Indo-European languages shows a track of subservience to the initial provocation: the atom-splitting cultural and linguistic vortex caused and forced by the Roman Empire, which itself was an artificial construction, with its language and pantheon: the pompous exhibit of lute. But then so are all Eastern and Western European museums, mostly exhibiting colonial lute. The vortex of all non-atomic (gender-splitting, colonial) mental, religious, and political programs operates with the same default: the empires of today, China, Russia, India, EU, Islam, Judeo-Christian, US, Colonial Americas and Australia, all operate by the same gender-split mentality: EITHER/OR, going for the profitable, comfortable position at any cost, or struggling against the loser position. This existential dilemma arises only from the LOSS OF INNER PEACE, which comes with the bad conscience of taking more than giving: colonial, imperial, commercial, industrial civilisations. The individual of society is STIGMATISED AND BOUND by the mental program and karma of the colonial paradigm!

The difference between atomic and non-atomic (gender-splitting) language programs can be best measured in LOVE: patriarchal languages fail to give as much love to one side (left hand, right brain, feminine, invisible etc.), as to the other. The failure to love enough is analogous with that little chromosomatic lack of the XY. We believe that with the MAGical energy of love, even chromosomes can regenerate and evolve.

MAG fate: colonised, eradicated, overruled, invaded, annexed, robbed, abused, ridiculed, humiliated, crucified, at the same time overwritten, copied, monkeyed, followed, pretended, plagiarised, safe-kept, nurtured, cashed in on. MAG fate: a complete cycle of life, a rebirth, whole natural-human-cosmic round completed by the MAG program! magic: not only includes death, but is built on it: death=transformation! the CULTURAL DEATH LIVED WELL is the door to spiritual elevation. “death” is encoded in the seed, as its outer gate: the door which death represents is the unknown (see The Pearl, 17-18, 31, 52, 55.)

The notion of NOTHINGNESS, like the notion of WAR appears with the gender-splitting program. Misconception. Nothingness is a phase, right before Everythingness, before total love for the world, as we hear. Nothing is part of everything, a key phase of it! Thinking life is war and death is nothingness is absolutely inorganic! Nature is dual indeed, and life is preceded by death indeed.

Sumerian hymn: conscious undertaking of MAG fate: the narrow gate of death in time, into the vast hall of life in eternity – Magyars, Mayans, Jesus, Mani, apostles and prophets, apostle kings lead nations into consciously undertaken sacrifices: Abraham comes to lead his children home, Jesus leads the Parthians, Attila leads the Huns, Mátyás leads the Karpathian MAGs. The sign is the MAG model, the seal, with which our naturally omitted magnetic signal identifies successfully or unsuccessfully. We believe the ancient variations of the single original MAG mould could have created one fantastic tapestry of human co-resonance. This is the tapestry we attempt to reconstruct in our vision.

Sumerian/Mede, Parthian, Hun, Scythian, Magar/Magyar, Etruscan, Celtic, Basque, Native American, African, Maghrebi, Australian Aboriginal, Uyghur etc. – SILENT, NOBLE MARTYRDOM AND INVISIBLE, INVINCIBLE SURVIVAL: manifesting the absolute supremacy and triumph of life: the paradox miracle of love that is at the heart of Universal Atomism


The origin of Hungarians and the truth of their history is completely manipulated, just like the origin and truth of all mankind: turned up-side-down, deformed and defamed by patriarchal colonial propaganda. It may become of importance to know these days, that the significance of the Karpathian Basin is enormous, as a key geo-and-astro-physical magnetic area, connected to such other key systems as the Himalayas and the Andes. The Karpathian Basin as a huge Global energy dish can only be operated by its original inhabitants, the MAGUS people – as all other global systems are connected to a race, a planet, a sign, a sacral liturgy of magnetic operation. Likewise, our own individual energy dish, the body can only be OPERATED BY ITS ORIGINAL PROGRAM. There is a land, a plot of earth for everyone, and there is an original prayer and undertaking to be remembered! We believe that energetically, original homelands are as important as original tongues in the healing, regenerating process of humanity: these lead back to THE SENSE OF BEING AT HOME IN THE WORLD. The human connection to nature and the Earth, to the cosmos and the Sky is not a theoretical phantasy but the real condition of holism, health, peace - and yes, happiness and contentment.

Tuareg tent

Hungary (Magyarország) is a living example of MAG fate: she is among the few still existing countries in the world which have SURVIVED SEVERAL MONSTROUS WAVES OF COLONISATION, never participated in or benefitted from colonisation, being always on the colonised, robbed and slandered side since the appearance of the subordinative mentality wrapped in language and politics. Many great nations and cultures fell before and after Hungary, THE ABSOLUTE MIRACLE IS THAT HUNGARY IS STILL ON THE MAP, AND THE HUNGARIAN LANGUAGE IS INTACT! The Hungarians (Magyars, People of the Mag/Seed/Atom) have been heavily colonised since the first forged victories of the Judeo-Christian terror (1000s), followed by Islam occupation in the Middle Ages (1500s), Habsburg vileness since the 1500s, the all-European feast on Hungary’s natural and spiritual treasures (since 1920) , the brain-drain, Semitic invasion (19th C.), slander, European communist and capitalist conspiracies, betrayal, forced into two world wars by colonial rule and provocation (Habsburg and German)!!!, 1848, 1920, 1956, the forged liberations of 1945 and ’89, and now the American golem.
Trianon 1920: the day of Good Friday for the MAG. CRUCIFIXION. absolute injustice, but ritual undertaking! Hungary dragged into war by the Habsburg colonial predator, then made to pay with the physical mutilation/dismemberment of the Karpathian body. (Not even legally justified, as the petty subservient predators never kept even the minimal terms, denying the rights of the aboriginal MAGYAR population, language and tradition to this day. Denying divine law, but even Roman law.)  At the same time (metanarratively/metaphysically), being cut up is an alchemical stage of vegetative disembodiment (see cult of Osiris, Orion, the Táltos/Lókupás, Koppány). Ironically or not, Paris was built by the MAGus Scythians fleeing from devastated Troy, as a new centre of spirituality. Troy was devastated by the infected program which closed the third eye, this is the infected program which now circulates from the old MAGus outposts of Europe: Athens, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Moscow all Hun-Schythian-Magus settlements. This Europe which bought into the new language so willingly, and which bought into the colonial venture so easily, now begins to smell the back-firing teen spirit of karmic return.

The TTIP is an order by the one big bad guy, the bully of the world, the New Roman Empire, to start eating plastic at once! The US golem as physical entity was established in 1492 from the robbed treasury of the Hungarian King Matthias, assassinated on Good Friday, 1490. The US as political program was established by the conspiring colonial royal houses then, whose karmic heritage burdens both the gang of little bad guys blinking in Brussels today, and the tiny angry head with the least peace in the world. Having to eat plastic pseudo-culture and forged values is not enough now, the knife at the throat is the immigration problem: the bully blackmails the global system with the vortex of war, unrest, and plastic – IS NOT THE BULLY AN ARTIFICIAL FIGURE, AN EXISTENTIAL AND MENTAL MODEL, A VIRTUAL PROGRAM anyone can unplug in a second? A DRAMATIC CATALYST, A PROVOCATEUR, TO HELP US wake up not only to our historical, but our eternal reality. Besides the big story, our own responsibility is also revealed, the common historical cycle, and our own karmic cycle. So the immigration problem is also a colonial show-down. Although the game of deceit and conspiracy is played by guys imagining a reversed world, the point of the story is not who is to blame, but how to be released from bad karma. The immigrants who bang on the doors of their old colonisers and friends of their enemies merely fulfil the source law of return. The sequence of returns, however, is only just beginning, for the real victims of the world have not yet found out who their real debtors and predators are. The migrants have not yet figured out, or even started to wonder why they had to leave their homes in the first place. The head predators have not yet started to remember why they had to leave their ancient religion in the very first place: to remember the name of GOD is TO REMEMBER THE ATOMIC SENSE OF GOD INSIDE. Why are we out of place, out of time, out of our wholeness? HISTORY AS WE KNOW IT IS HEAVILY VEILED TRUTH. All roads lead to the source, and what we experience as the TRIAL OF HISTORY or life (narrative) is a loop in time, part of a GREATER PATTERN OF LIFE (metanarrative).