The Sibyl mystery


“For I have seen the Sibyl in Cumae with my own eyes; she floated in a glass bead” (Petronius, Satyricon)


“The carpet of the temple will split, and at midday dark night will fall for three hours.” (The Sibyl of Troy)


Sibilla SienaThe Sibyl of Troy
who looks, stands and speaks just like the author
Her marble image can be encountered in the Duomo of Siena in Italy,
by Neroccio de’ Landi, around 1480.

Who is a sibyl?

oracle, seeress, prophetess 

old androgynous meta-human soul manifest in young female body: a living paradox, an agent of physical-metaphysical, old-new, divine-human, male-female, left-right, above-below, matter-energy. sibyllic agent and agency: beyond history

seeing the future, the past, and the present: a personal metaphorical journey beyond time. this sibyllic rite of passage is contained and nurtured, or trapped and repressed in every human being

in particular: a Sibyl is a certain pure cast of Scythian MAGos women
in general: the arch-Sibyl is the Great Mother, the pure energetic souce of life (Mother is: Earth, original homeland, original tongue, natural earth cults, all mothers, all soul)

Historical sibyls are famous for foreseeing the Biblical story of Jesus Christ and the coming apocalypse. Their books are kept under worldly seals now, but the sibyllic tradition is a living tradition. The sibyl is the channel between sky and earth, and she not only means a particular genetic lineage, but the common virgin thread, the breath (SZŰZ - SZUSZ) in all mankind. (See also in Elements and transformation.)

Etymology: Sibylla=Cybelé=Kübelé=Kű-BáLa=kőbála (stone block in Hungarian, see The Pearl image 49.): menhir or electromagnetically charged and charging power-house/generator and magnetic channel. BaL/BaaL refers to the central mystery CULT OF THE ONE orTHE CULT OF LIGHT (see The Pearl image 40.), to the central polar nature of Divine Love, being both hidden and manifest in every living thing, at the centre of each atom. This same ATOMIC FULL-GENDER QUALITY OF ANDROGYNY is presented later in the Goddess Pallas (see the PAAL-OS and PALI traditions) and her cult of FERTILE INTELLIGENCE. Also the same cosmological arch law is presented in all etymological developments of the twin lights PAL and BAR, their difference being the leap of intuition between hidden and manifest existence. The network of Cults of Light is all over the Globe, PAL-BAL-PAR-BAR etc. etymological roots hold witness. Accordingly, the network of menhirs, megalithic circles, seeds, and other magnetic constructions e.g. pyramids, is all over the world, their very structure holding witness to the Cult of Light, the One.

To be a Sybil, a Cybelé is TO SERVE AND THUS TO BECOME THE GREAT GODDESS herself. Her significance is immense, she presents A STATE OF BEING, A SUPREME HEIGHT OF LOVE, giving birth to all. She presents the Source of Light, and those Earthly women associated with her carry her features and functions. Using the gendered pronoun “her” seems insufficient here, although it is still better than “him” or “it”. The gender of the Great Goddess is super-human, a kind of full androgyny, fulfilling the functions both of a mother and a father, both of parent and child. This complexity of “her” inner roles are preserved hidden and coded in classical mythology. The figure of Zeus shows how Semitic masculine-domination modified the Hellene knowledge of divine androgyny: Zeus is by no means a masculine force, but presents virgin (SZŰZ) gereration: the VIRGIN BREATH/BIRTH which is at the HEART OF CREATION. See the primary energetic passage of sushumna and Susa, one of the first cities of Sumer, being both feminine and masculine, but more feminine in the sense of virgin birth (super-physical evolution). sus-ana=szűzanya: VIRGIN MOTHER

See the archaic Hungarian riddle, with a complete more-female-than-male virgin creative lineage (MAGical creative formula):

“Sky gave birth to Earth,
Earth gave birth to Tree,
Tree gave birth to Branch,
Branch gave birth to Bud,
Bud gave birth to Blossom,
Blossom gave birth to Saint Anna,
Saint Anna gave birth to Virgin Mary,
Virgin Mary gave birth to her Holy Son,
The Lord Jesus Christ,
The Saviour of the World.”

My suggestion is that the sibyls were and are WOMEN who surpass their sexual identity, and WHO OPERATE AS CHANNELS BETWEEN SKY AND EARTH, through their CRYSTAL GRID BODIES (see The Pearl images 98-101.), rising above their partiality, into a wholeness of being. It is also likely that the KA-BA stone and CABBALA are rooted in the same tradition of direct identification with the One, in the experience of Oneness. It is ironic how hijacked today’s historical plane is.

The words of sibyls were highly respected in earlier times, although their reputation has been slandered. Such is the defamation of women around Jesus, the defamation of the sibyls of Delphoi and Phaistos etc. Such is the defamation of THE MOTHER OF ATOMISM, LEUKIPPOS: THE SIBYL OF TROY. Such is the defamation of all free-born women around the world, pushed into secondary citizenship, the slavery of housework and child-caring, and shoved completely out of politics, academia, and common matters. By free-born women we mean women in touch with the Earth and the Cosmos. The female body is entuned with waters and planets by the lunar cycle! Her own inner totality is achieved in the unique initiation that is Creation: the creation of both matter (baby) and energy (book of life), a double feat unachievable by men.  

Why only women?

It is a medically testified fact that the male embryo struggles in the mother’s womb for a long time to remain whole (XX chromosome), and not to become fragmented (XY chromosome): to REMAIN GIRL (whole) and to not become boy (part). This mystery may be associated with the figure of the Great Goddess BAU, who is beyond gender but prime in generation. The Number One Omni-galactic birth-giver is primarily feminine (matter, self-containment), and secondarily masculine (energy, outpour). The struggle to remain whole is fulfilled in a man only when he gives his worldly dominant role up for reversal, to represent THE CHILD (PURE ENERGY) as the result and polar end of THE MOTHER (PURE MATTER). (See The Pearl, images 105-6.) The pulse of life is provided by their DESIRE TO IDENTIFY, to give oneself to the other, and to become the other. This DIVINE CAPACITY appears in us as EMPATHY, which is factually stronger in women than in men. Christian iconography’s classic Madonna with Child presents and preserves the primal, a-temporal state of the feminine principle (right-brain), outpouring the secondary, temporal state of the masculine principle. It is not about sex, but about the PROCESS OF CREATION AND BECOMING. Patriarchy seems clearly as a compensation of the mind as second function (left-brain) against the soul as first (right brain). The animal kingdom shows that in the overwhelming majority of species, THE FEMALE IS STRONGER, MORE FIT, MORE WIDE-RANGING IN TASKS AND SKILLS. This is obviously not a virtue, but a biological imprint, which refers in many ways to the human species as well. Women struggle to become whole just as much as men do, but women have a significantly more difficult, yet more solid path of enlightenment. Giving birth is such a sacral performance and ritual undertaking, even unconsciously, which cannot be compared to any other vital task or initiation of human life. As for intelligence, it is enough to observe school children, the gaping gap between boys and girls. Again, this is not a virtue, but an imprint, which is best to interpret as INTUITION BEING PRIOR AND SUPERIOR BIRTH-GIVER TO RATIONALITY. After all, the question of gender primarily concerns our own individual inner capacities, their coordination – and not subordination! So linguistic gender primarily causes the disorder of our own individual inner capacities and their balance, harmony, and order.

tradition of Magyar Golden Women (ARANYASSZONY)

Who is our sibyl? – historical context

The Sibyl of Troy. Her identifying inscription goes:



The Sibyl of Troy or Ilion            

Troy: turul = falcon = sólyom/szellem = spirit

Ilion: Tündér Ilona = BAU

The historically known Sibyl of Troy was the contemporary of King Kyros II., the Great (600/599 BC, or 576/575-530 BC), founder of the Old Persian Empire of aggression, member of the Akhaimenid dynasty. Other sources say the Sibyl was the contemporary of Solón (c. 638 – c. 558 BC), the legitimiser of Athenian scam democracy and general immorality. Politically, she was on the other side, on the side of the colonised, related to the thousands of Mede MAGus priests burned by the Persians, Troy devastated by the Greeks, the Aegean corrupted by the subordinative linguistic-mental virus, old Hun, Scythian, and Mag races weakened by confusion and finished by force. She held witness to the historical events, as an Akashic agent. In the inscription opening her prophetic function, she cites a compact formula rooted in Near Eastern and Minor Asian MAGus cult and myth.

What is her verbal message?



From among the several layers of interpretation we mention only one here: the SPLITTING OF THE TEMPLE CARPET or VEIL. This refers not only to the Biblical miracle claimed to have happened when Jesus died on the cross. The splitting of the temple carpet primarily refers to the ripped connection between sky and earth, male and female, right and left hemisphere, visible and invisible worlds within ourselves: BY GENDER-SPLITTING LANGUAGE PROGRAMS! Un-veiling the split consciousness of gender-split languages is a revelation.

What are the visual codes?


Pregnant person with book: REAL ANDROGYNY: functions as MALE (book, 1:∑, iconic right hand) & FEMALE (pregnant body, 1:2, iconic left hand). Only a woman can achieve this totality of functions. The illumination of Buda-hood is further illuminated by motherhood performing the magic of creation.

The three figures: trinity of the heart (lion), the mind (dog), and the body/Word (sibyl).

Cultic context

women magi, magical knowledge: cult of Cybele and BAU

BAU: BAU-DOG-ASSAN=Boldogasszony (Happy/Joyous/Fulfilled Woman/Lady): cult alive among Magyar (Mag), Székely (Saka), Csángó (Hun) people – the origin of the Christian maternal cult of the Madonna. However, all of its priority, and most of its depth and connections, liturgy, feasts etc. are lost in Christianity. The method of overthrowing the Goddess is clearly documented in gender-split language programs, but there are others too. The revolutionary research of Ferenc Badiny Jós shows, for example, that the Galilean Non-Jewish/goi people built temples on high mountain peeks, devoted to the Mother God, mentioned as Astarte, known also as Ishtar.  The exclusive Jahveh club Jews, who do not consider the feminine counterpart of the Father and bury their own Jahvah Mother Divinity, called these cultic places “place of corruption”. Hebrew simply has no word for priestess or goddess! See also the Arab counterpart in language, cult, and politics: gender-struck, subordinative language structure, exclusive male cult (Allah the Living is only Father, women cannot even enter temples), and aggressive politics. The goi Cult of Light aboriginal in Galilee called the Goddess “Virgin of Light”, next to whom we find the “Father of Light” and the “Son of Light” or “Light of the World”. The priests and priestesses of this goi religion were called MAGUS, MAH or MAG meaning WISE and GREAT in Sumerian. Jesus is cursed as being a MAGUS meaning DEMON in Judaist theology. MAGOS-MAGAS means WITH SEED or OF SEED in Magyar, and also means HIGH.

The state represented by the Boldogasszony is the state of being blessed: with child (ÁLDOTT ÁLLAPOT: blessed state, meaning pregnancy). The state of BAU presents an EXISTENTIAL STATE MORE COMPACT THAN A POLAR GENDER OF EITHER/OR.

See the model of Human-Divine unity: the union between a spirit-driven woman and the Great super-human Spirit. The DIVINE SEED OF HUMAN LIFE is carried within her, so the blessed female archetype is the vessel of all nations and all creation: the Great Mother: the BAU who is genetically really real: she is the primal holistic, divine code of the physical cell. See the illustration of the Scythian golden treasure of Nagyszentmiklós. The enigmatic picture is a sign of the Cult of Light, and the counterpart of the Madonna-with-Child iconography. Both present the basic atomic nature of light, consciously and directly, coding their message for future generations: for us to remember and awaken to our own real human nature, as creatures of light.

Turul NagyszentmiklosThe mythical TURUL bird embracing a woman on the historical Scythian-Hungarian gold treasure of Nagyszentmiklós

Re-connecting the sibyl: system of mentality

The figure of the Sybil is a sign of the Cult of Light or the Cult of the MAG: a sign of conscious Atomism. And once Atomism: Leukippos is associated. Ancient Aegean philosophical Atomism is the cradle of all modern thinking, and it all comes from the work of a Scythian magus woman referred to as the Leukippos, the one from the Lókupás order, the Order of the Horse Head, of the high spirit dimension connecting instantly to Troy. The holistic system of mentality which Leukippos systematises excludes the possibility that her language was Old Greek, for Old Greek already way cursed with three genders: one cannot talk about the spirit in genders, for the spirit is neither he, nor she, nor it. ONLY NON-GENDERED LANGUAGES CAN SPEAK OF THE SPIRIT AS A WHOLE AND LIVING UNIT: NEITHER HE, NOR SHE, NOR IT can alone represent a dimensionally holistic unit of life: an immanent handicap is coded within he/she/it mentality, while an immanent cosmic door is guarded in MAG mentality.

 Read excerpt from The Cultic Code, The Living Books of Paul Bowles, (pp.183-4.)

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