Essence & foundations


“Measure yourself by the universe!” (Attila József)


“Dear, dear! How queer everything is to-day! And yesterday things went on just as usual. I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night? Let me think: was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different. But if I’m not the same, the next question is, Who in the world am I? Ah, THAT’S the great puzzle!” (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Worderland) 


Essence of New Atomism

New Atomism is an interest-free THEORETICAL AND EXISTENTIAL SYSTEM, absolutely original, at the same time resurrected from deep memory. It has been founded in 2015 in Hungary (Magyarország) by myself (Amagdala's single founder and editor Zsuzsanna Váradi-Kalmár-Kálmánchey), upon a single universal ATOMIC MODEL, propagating a NEW HUMAN PARADIGM. I combine science and art, playfulness and serious criticism, grand traditions and current flows in order to be truthful to holistic life.
In my vision of the ATOMIC MODEL, I conclude that everything is Life: everything comes from and returns to universal LOVE: the atomic magnetism of matter & energy. The basic dynamic vital system is presented in each atomic particle, so THE ATOM/SEED/MAG/MAGNET IS THE MODEL OF ALL LIFE: physical, natural, astrological objects, bodies, beings, and systems, as well as metaphysical phenomena such as transformation and transmission, rites of passage, language, conduct, time & space, and the self-revelation of life, light, and love – all modelled on the atom. Through the documentation of a treasure hunt, New Atomism presents both an objective and a subtle world view and value system. The higher aim of our project is not merely to know our world better, but to know ourselves better, in order to restore amends.



Foundations of New Atomism: SEVEN KEY DISCOVERIES or REVELATIONS (see Theory of Revelativity)






4.    “HISTORY”  ≠  TRUTH





What is New Atomism?

ancient model found - new paradigm constructed

The inter-disciplinary foundations of our system are primarily in cultural, historical, and political anthropology, philosophical and literary hermeneutics, linguistics, with regard also to natural sciences. Our spiritual foundations are in religious mysticism, psychology, and art studies. Our artistic foundations are in filmmaking, critical and creative writing, poetry, and iconography. And our vital foundations are in living for, with, and by the essence of life. The only necessarily fixed point in my theory is the model of the ATOM.  

As the comparative approach is a key to my focus, I cite and invite a wide range of disciplines, creative fields, and sensory approaches. We break from the authoritative and formal conventions of academic dogma, and find truer reasons and connections, and freer ways of expression. We take a dimensional leap, from false motivations and manipulative discourses to the original pure source of inner filtering and intuition, building the atomic paradigm of the MAG, the SEED: New Atomism. Although named an –ism, what I propose is not a new partial ideology, but an entirely different approach system to our own time and space. I propose a new view of the world, of man, and of their connection. I propose a basic structure of universal knowledge, conduct, and sense. A simple model, to which my research has lead from several directions, and from which an infinite number of further researches and realisations may and do branch out. These processes are all progressive and organic, since my basic mould, the atomic model is itself a dynamic and living entity.

I invite you on a quest which is both left-brain objective, and right-brain subjective. The waking of the atomic structure forecasts an awakening. On the one hand, it triggers a conscious reconstruction of ourselves, the world, God in the face of ATOMIC PERFECTION. On the other hand, we start to remember our personal, familial, tribal, national, racial, human, global, and cosmic origin. We are expected to re-join the COSMIC ATOMIC WORLD consciously. All beings are autonomous particles of the Empire of Life, all atoms are part of a larger atom, all containing a SEED which is a FURTHER ATOMIC STRUCTURE. We are atoms because God is the SUPREME ATOM!  The supreme source of the life model is also the supreme source of matter, energy, structure, light, and love. So the ATOM is much more than just the basis of the physical world.

The sequence of the seven discoveries is the path of our treasure hunt.



There is a concentric formal code in cultic arts, and it reveals a basic atomic structure: a trinary bond.



original image and concept by Amagdala

Cosmic dust particles are organic and sacral: the structure itself carries the vital sanctity of the CREATIVE PRINCIPLE: THE MODEL OF CREATION, model of all analogy.

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There are certain languages which carry the precise cultic code in their structure, and they reveal the very law of the atomic structure.


original image and concept by Amagdala

The revealed perfectly autonomous, differentiated, productive microcosm of a linguistic atom gives us a more precise picture of the common universal particle than any natural science has ever done.

nucleus=polar fusion

It is exactly in the ancient non-gender-split languages, in the MAG LANGUAGES that we find the TRIADIC STRUCTURE OF THE SEED. This is the blueprint of all Life, containing the triadic mathematical code of universal justice, harmony, health, morality, creativity, and happiness. The code is: 1:2-1:3-1:∑. It indicates us the way to be ONE within ourselves, ONE with our fellow beings, and ONE with everything we think, say, and do. The function of the three strata is clarified in comparative approaches.

Pre-historical languages come from the single root language family: the ATOMIC / SEED / CORE / MAG LANGUAGE! These are the non-gendered, non-subordinative, spherically constructed languages. They are magical, poetic, creative languages: re-creating, expressing the heart-resonance we once all shared. Gender breaks the mental resonance, as the dynamic cycle of the persona is interrupted in He/She.

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Language structure is reflected in historical conduct. Organic, atomic language programs are maintained by colonised peoples, while inorganic, non-atomic language programs have been adopted with the gender-split, developing into colonising civilisations: preys and predators, peace and war. Gender or no gender, that is the question! Linguistic, psychological, and serious historical revision is necessary to access our own inner atomic source. Linearity is reversible, so time is not only behind us, but also ahead. The MAG atomic model holds the mirror to the two basic types of energetic mechanisms coded in language.

On the one hand:

intense polar fusion = NO-GENDER = CONCENTRICITY & COORDINATION (spirit of peace) = losers of history

The ancient MAG languages are precisely the languages of the old high cultures, who were more familiar with the secrets of matter, energy, and structure than we could ever imagine through our manipulated mental programs. All of the atomic, coordinative MAG cultures are superior to non-atomic subordinative colonial cultures, in terms of maintaining universal atomism. Yet they all were and are to this day severely COLONISED, precisely because non-violence is coded in MAG language, while violence is coded in gender-splitting.

The atomic MAG cultural family includes the archaic cultures of Europe, like Magyar, Székely, Csángó, Celtic, Native African cultures and languages, such as Berber, Native American, Mayan, the aboriginal cultures of Asia like Dravidian and Uyghur, of the Pacific and Australia. Those which are not extinct like Sumerian or Etruscan, are by now forcefully obliterated by language changes like all Native American and Australian, severely culture-robbed and plagiarised, deliberately defamed, miscategorised and root-torn by imperial academia, like Magyar (Hungarian). The still pure human resource family of the Earth includes all Maga, Saka (Scythian) and Hun languages and peoples, who are faithful to the One, by keeping the structure of the atom the basis of their life, including their language. They carry the mental code of staying within the atomic Fellowship of the natural, the human, and the cosmic world.

A linguistic comparative analysis executed at Sorbonne, Paris, shows the presence and weight of etymons in all living and extinct human languages. (Etymon is Greek source word, the original root of a word, compact in sense, meaning, and form.) The vocabulary of English has 4% etymon, Latin 5%, Hebrew 5%, Hindi 9%, Tibetan and Sanskrit 12%, Old Turk 26%, and Hungarian 68%. (Research of all living and dead languages conducted at the Sorbonne, cited in: Dénes Kiss, Before Babel (Bábel előtt. Isten nyelve, avagy képességünk a magyar nyelv, 1999.) This high content of past or metahistoricity preserved in vocabulary is directly connected with the pre-historic, holistic idea or spirit preserved in language structure. Etymons, these enigmatic words bursting with bottomless meaning and free connectivity, are directly divine creative vehicles, real magic formulae, which we are meant to use and evolve by.

On the other hand:

weak polar fusion = GENDER = DIVISION & SUBORDINATION (urge of colonialism), patriarchy, war, industrialisation = winners of history

We recognise that in all dominant languages and language families of today, the linguistic units, the atoms we use for thinking, speaking, and acting are broken. THE MENTAL PROGRAM OF ALL GENDER-SPLIT LANGUAGES IS not only non-atomic but directly ANTI-ATOMIC, INORGANIC, INCOMPATIBLE WITH THE UNIVERSAL PROGRAM, AND VIOLATING IT.

We suggest that gender-split human languages are GMOs! Arbitrarily manipulated mental programs are imposed by the patriarchal mafia upon the immanently holistic human mental organism – all over the world. The experiment of gender-split language programs has failed to bring positive results in evolution, on the contrary: proven model of unsustainable parasitism: to compensate the loss of inner balance, a loss of love between inner capacities. It is the inner Goddess and her channel, the Sibyl or Priestess, human capacities blocked out of consciousness and conscience - by entire language families (such as the Semitic and Indo-European), by an entire civillisation. Our own holism is suffocated by the gender-divide.

gender = subordination = colonialism, war...

To clarify the break-point, we must observe and state that according to structure, atomic MAG language programs are archaic, organic, alive, while atom-breaking, gender-splitting programs are entirely artificial. The first group coincides precisely with colonised cultures (preys), the second with coloniser cultures (predators). The second group by now rules almost the whole world. These are the languages in which language is gender-ridden. What we do with the fact that we do not speak wholesome languages is a question we leave open. Deep down we are unconditioned, but the gendered mental program suffocates the magnetism and equality of our inner Father and Mother (AT&OM): the mystic AT-OMic union, the divine secret of magnetism, which the alchemists were after, is obstructed by the forged program of exclusive and hierarchic patriarchy. For all the social, ecological, historical terror of spiritual, mental, and physical colonialism, ultimately a program error is to be blamed: anti-atomic language.

We must wake up to the fact that we are to a very large extent conditioned by the mental program, the language we use, more precisely the mentality carved into our genes through centuries. The gender-split genetic program conditions and induces imbalance, subordination instead of coordination, linear instead of spheric thinking. The arbitrary subordination of the feminine (she) and neuter/natural (it) to the masculine (he) is INORGANIC, ABSURD, INSUFFICIENT, IMMORAL, COSMICALLY ILLEGAL, AND NON-SUSTAINABLE! The historical appearance of this mental virus in gender-split languages can be directly pinpointed, in the rise of PATRIARCHAL COLONIAL EMPIRES. The whole or broken structure of a language conditions cultural attitudes, racial mentalities, and entire historical movements and eras. All languages with split gender (he/she, he/she/it) break our core knowledge and flow-experience or the world, for they perpetuate UNNATURAL MENTAL LINEARITY, UNNECESSARY EMOTIONAL BORDERS, AND ARBITRARY SOCIAL-ECOLOGICAL SUBORDINATION. This linguistic question becomes a question of philosophy and politics. In the ancient, non-gender-split languages of aboriginal, not up-rooted and assimilated, but invaded and crucified peoples, the he, she, and it is one sound. The significance of this is primarily in worship. Why do we speak OF GOD and TO GOD as if this single Absolute origo was exclusively masculine, a categorical He? We are cheating ourselves, the totality, the ONE within ourselves. Language, as it turns out, is originally a ritual vehicle, as it carries a cultic structure, that of the seed – and the aboriginal sacral, so-called agglutinating languages reflect this structure. The gender-split genetic God-code is incorrect, our own inner atomic electromagnet does not work properly, when operated by gender-split mentality and cultic verbiage.

Language, like the whole of creation, is all about love, all about ENERGY and EVOLUTION, these are in question when we speak of vital programs. Language is a vital program we can reconstruct, as we could once deconstruct it. Gender-split languages have risen out of the un-cosmic attitude of parasitism: sucking life and energy, from women and from the Earth, without return, because those who compensate so ferociously have forgotten their own inner natural, good, non-invasive sources of energy. The gender schism is the very step OUTSIDE OF EDEN, the wholeness of atomic existence. LANGUAGE IS THE EVIDENCE! Look at the basic structure of your language!  Do you live in the delusion that you are free? Your language binds and breaks your mentality. It may sound amazing, but it is a strongly supported fact: this tiny imbalance, THE HE-SHE DIVIDE IN LANGUAGES INDUCES DISHARMONY WITHIN THE COSMIC ORDER.

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revelation 4: “HISTORY” ≠ TRUTH

colonised “bad guys” of history (“losers”) = network of great aboriginal civilisations, natural-cosmic communicators
colonising “good guys” of history (“winners”) = vortex of collective bad karma, natural-cosmic blindness

Commonly known history is absolutely contrary to real history. Truth has been turned upside-down ever since the legitimisation of the he-over-she coup. By now, coordinative, atomic mentality is almost completely devoured by the subordinative, non-atomic mentality, the truth of our common present and past is almost completely devoured by an evolving vortex of lies. Examples for truth turned upside down abound, beginning with Adam and Eve. Majorly relevant is the truth about Buddha, Christ, Attila, Arthur, King Matthias, the last Renaissance and the “discovery” of the Americas, the French Revolution and democracy, English industrialisation and technology, the macabre script of the World Wars, Holocaust and current mass migration – the whole patriarchal bluff we call history and which devours all healthy life, as designed and conducted in he/she by a he, worshipping a supremely exclusive He, is to be reconsidered as we awaken the spirit of truth within the ATOM. As THE GREAT SHE, THE SUFFOCATED FEMININE HALF OF THE ABSOLUTE rises back into the power of consciousness, the truth begins to flow in our very veins. European and global high politics is based on a completely false historical consciousness, which primarily concerns souls trapped in the mind with a wrong code of expression. Our language is the basic framework to our universe. (See Wittgenstein. German hermeneuts could almost get to the broken heart of philosophy. In Europe it all began with Troy, the poisoning of concentric Old Greek thinking with gender, colonialism, sophism...)

The general fact is that we are oblivious to what system we are, what anti-system we support unconsciously, and what super-system we owe allegiance to originally. The political fact is that Hungary is not a free country, and the world is not a free world, as should be originally. The historical fact is that official patriarchal academic colonial propaganda all over the world has over-written the past, and keeps over-writing our present to an intolerable degree. Intolerable is the degree of lies by now not merely morally and psychologically, but physically. The ecological and human crisis of the world is due to our not knowing the answer to these questions: what kind of a vital system am I?, what system is the world?, what system do I support with my life? History, as we know it, is a lie, the world and our own position in it, as we know it, is a lie. No corner-stone we trust our knowledge to is stable at this point, because lies have been built into every single one of them. However, our biological, historical and religious myths contain deformed reflections of the truth.

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The Leukippos-case

The Leukippos mystery case is the apex of New Atomism. It connects our main questions: there is a complete Atomic system involved, there is the model of a historical fraud, and there is the intrigue of sexual gender surpass. The case concerns a philosophical game of mosaics, the unravelling of a historical crime and its political current, and above all, a beautiful story of the original high dimensions and connections of mankind. It is a historical and philosophical detective case, and a personal path of initiation.

It is true that a certain historical Leukippos was the founder of Atomism. Our research suggests that this historical Leukippos was 1.NOT A MAN but a WOMAN, 2.NOT A MATERIALIST but a MONOTHEIST SPIRITUALIST, 3.NOT A GREEK but a SCYTHIAN, 4.Leukippos was NOT THE NAME but THE ORDER this figure belonged to, and 5.Democitos was NOT A PUPIL but a PLAGIARISING IMPOSTOR who defused Atomic philosophy and used its still remaining philosophical cohesion to justify political parasitism (slavery, wars, exclusive power club building, colonial empire, banking, technologising, patriarchy etc.)  and to establish his own personal pseudo-cult.

The mythical Leukippos is a gender-shifting creature of divine origin. Both he and she is beautiful, strong, in love with divinity, favoured by Leto-Artemis-Daphne. There is a change of sexual gender in myths, but we suspect that the original rite of “ekdysia,” identified with the figure of Leukippos, is more about surpassing physical either/or sexuality, and thus the entire exclusivity of he/she. The rite associated with Leukippos is an initiation into a basic magnetic resonance, the immanent love of the universe, through reuniting the polar functions of he&she, left-brain&right-brain.
Through the story of Leukippos, New Atomism itself presents a symbolic, cultic, bigger story: the death passage and resurrection of the arch European spirit, and in this a cosmic story is revealed: the turning of a great cycle of light: as if a new Sun/Moon was rising after 3 days of darkness: as if we have been living in a gigantic, several-thousand-year long winter equinox.

The Leukippos-story is itself mythical, cultic: emblematic! The story of Atomism is itself a Living Sign of Life.

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current global political situation = inevitable collapse of non-Atomic language, mentality, and cultural genetic code

The subordinative linguistic organism is a GMO. The colonial language program experiment has failed. The seed structures of life cannot be manipulated beyond a point. Morality is coded in the atomic structure! Balance, harmony, order is coded in the atomic structure! If political conscience does not rebel, which it seems not to in the case of any vultures such as the Semitic, Chinese, and Indo-European colonial imperia, physical, biological conscience is bound to: even conscience is energy. Cell memory cannot be tricked or cheated, a lie is a lie, a broken treaty is a broken treaty, a robbery is a robbery. Responsibility cannot be evaded for too long. See the total dishonour done to ALL OF THE ABORIGINAL MAG NATIONS IN THE WORLD by those who still hold the bluff of fair play, democracy, human rights! Who will take responsibility for all the historical criminality? Not only the actors, but the benefitters are in debt. What moral right have global tyrants to preach such shamefully hypocritical phrases? USA? With all the rape, genocide, broken agreements, conspiracy and manipulation, gold-robbing, nature abuse? Brussels? London, Paris, Rome? Israel? Who were we, before we became what we are NOT? Who we these bluffs before the oligophrenia and vileness, the moral insanity, the forced or defensive historical amnesia? The energy of all devastated aboriginal peoples, cultures and religions is not lost, neither is the energy of devastation lost. Should we venture into the historical truth of the past centuries and millenia, the political establishment's masquerade would end instantly. Are we aware of what goes on in Palestine, Africa, China, what has been going on in the Americas, all the British and French colonies, North Africa etc? The fact seems to be that all this political criminality begins in inorganic language. Immorality begins in the mentality of division and subordination, which is coded in the artificial he/she/it linguistic program. As soon as we establish this untruthful mental system, the world goes out of joint. The lie that God is masculine and men are prior can only be maintained by more and more lies, such as we see in history books, political discourse, and media. The moral code lost for the overwhelming majority of the world today lies intact in the central, cyclical structure of atomic MAG mentality coded in MAG languages. Honour is not a nice fantasy, but honour is anchored in knowing that lying, cheating and stealing is bad energy which will most certainly return to the offender. It is not the honourable who are naive, but the dishonourable. The entire global political establishment of today, entire countries, nations, races are in the role of the offender, simply energetically. And ignorance is no security. Truth returns like a boomerang. 

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atomic model = endless, limitless, measureless model of analogy and creativity

It is an open fact we show from a wide range of aspects, that the ATOM is the SEED, the indestructible source of our world and life. The ATOMIC OPERATION, NATURE, AND STRUCTURE is the basis of all matter and all energy, so it is useful to understand the model and to know what is atomic in our life, and what is not. We may well suspect that what is not in magnetic resonance with the ATOMIC MODEL is disconnected from universal channel.

Vast field of scientific, ecological, spiritual, social awakening: all looking towards signs of life, which find their source and end in the Seed. New Renaissance emerging today all over the world, but particularly and with clearest consciousness and conscience in the country of the MAG (Magyarország, Hungary). 

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natural-human-cosmic sphere of inter-connectedness = necessity = THE LAW

The Golden Age of the MAG, the rebirth of atomic consciousness is already on its way. Reconstitution, therefore, is both a common and a personal energetic necessity – and task. Revision and correction. Return, metanoia, change. We are all children of the atomic model! A few thousand years of mental mis-programming may be over-written in a second, in a life-affirmative blink of an eye. Program errors can be fixed. Magnetic cycles are completed, stories rounded by necessity!

The ancient knowledge and life of ONENESS is being reborn in the crucified and dissected and infected body of the Karpathian basin. We have been robbed of our past, our self-understanding, our autonomy and freedom for a thousand years, strictly speaking, but now the vibration of the earth we call beloved homeland has begun to move us into the mental and spiritual HOME THAT IS TRUTH. Our ancient runic script, magical religion, and historical justice have been torn from us, but our beloved sweet mother-tongue, the MAGyar language (Hungarian) still perseveres the seed model, and at this late date opens herself to reveal her PERFECT, UNHARMED ATOMIC STRUCTURE, wholly transforming reality, back into its inevitable truth. This ground-breaking linguistic evidence has called for the foundation of New Atomism, CALLING PRIMARILY FOR OUR RETURN TO ITS LAW. By understanding the physical depth of the atomic structure, metaphysical understanding arrives, which brings its fruits in a wide range of fields and in the very view of our life.

So what is the ATOM? The atom is the SEED OF LIFE, which contains all the energy, matter, and form of creation. In Magyar, MAG MEANS SEED, and the etymological sphere of this ancient root word is immense.

return = personal relevance, remembrance

HOLISTIC REALITY REVERSES AND OVERRIDES the POLAR ROLES of human colonialism (as coloniser and colonised), as all races and dialects are functional parts of the single MAG humanity and language, each with a different task. The key problem of today is that the races are out of character, not in their original lands, not at their original task and worship, not in their original tongue. Once we lose touch with our origin, we lose our aim, for the primal rule of the universe is THE LAW OF SOURCE. Every living organic being of the Atomic universe has a source, a centre, which is at once its aim.

I wish to encourage global recognition and reconstruction, to allow the sign of our time to manifest within us individually and collectively. New Atomism is the hologram of ancient and progressive knowledge, rational and intuitive intellectual results, personal insight and life experience. New Atomism offers evidence that there is a CODE OF ATTITUDE AND CONDUCT for all beings in the structural code of the living world. Everything is really, practically connected with everything else. All revelative information on this site reveals a common warning, wake-up call, guidance, illumination, and home for all. Times are changing metaphysically, physically, we are within a cosmic, global transitory phase of atomic, magnetic recondensation. We may be baffled by the atom-hacking of the physical plane, but the point is, it is time to GET WITH THE BIG ATOMIC PROGRAM.

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Note on form: For several reasons I have decided to keep re-inventing my forms of expression.  In The Cultic Code and The Pearl I put down solid foundations, from which further, more liberally structured themes grow out. The basic function of the atomic Seed formula is evolution, so I seek ideal forms of expression in every new situation. Beyond my basic works and within the basic framework, I throw in loosely structured texts, leaving further questions and open doors, which invite life, personal insight, consideration, and realisation. The English and the Hungarian version of these freer texts are not entirely identical, rather they complement each other, besides separately also presenting the complete system.