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"The centre of the universe is everywhere." (Blue Horse Sioux chief)



ATOMOLOGY: the concentric word & sentence structures of MAG languages are based on the central seed word (root or etymon), which becomes the atomic core of further linguistic creation

The original etymon is atomic in all three aspects of New Atomism:
1:2 the etymon balances both nominal and verbial meaning ("feminine" and "masculine" NATURE)
1:3 the etymon harmonises all three personal perspectives (1st, 2nd, 3rd person OPERATION)
1:∑ the etymon orders any time or space (any STRUCTURE)







Amagdala MAG oltar

construction and photo by Amagdala

language: structure + vocabulary. The structure of all Semitic, Indo-European and Chinese languages is non-atomic (non-concentic), but the vocabulary preserves the ancient atomic connection.  This formula proves that 1. there is a root connection between all languages, 2. there have been schisms from original cosmic-human-natural order at certain points in history, which produced the language-based colonial civilisations of today.

See MAG language: Etymon: Gr. source word, the original root of a word, compact in sense, meaning, and form. Etymons such as MAG carry a micrososm of meaning and an endless potential of concentric blossoming. We cite the linguistic comparative analysis conducted at the Sorbonne, Paris, which shows the presence and weight of etymons in all living and extinct human languages. The vocabulary of English has 4% etymon, Latin 5%, Hebrew 5%, Hindi 9%, Tibetan and Sanskrit 12%, Old Turk 26%, and Hungarian (Magyar) 68%. (Research of all living and dead languages conducted at the Sorbonne, cited in: Dénes Kiss, Before Babel (Bábel előtt. Isten nyelve, avagy képességünk a magyar nyelv, 1999.) 

Necessary to emphasise that languages have character which is always typical and unique, but this character is crippled, shackled, tied up in mag-splitting structures, and little of the old vocabulary, little of THE DEEP MEANING survives. MAG LANGUAGES ARE ROOTED IN TIMELESSNESS! Look at the ABSOLUTE INGENUITY AND METAPHYSICS OF THE MAG LINGUISTIC SYSTEM: its mechanisms follow cosmic patterns, its etymology rooted beyond comprehension, its semiotic connections go beyond calculation! See The Pearl images 37-42. 46-47.

He/she structural manipulation: historical-hysterical human breach from the cosmic patterns and intuitive channels of MAGness PLUS semiotic erosion of layers of meaning

Hungarian-Sumerian lineage, parallel with South American indigenous languages (and culture, see Tayos cave, Móricz János, Crespi collection, Manuel Palacios)

Greek example: atomic agglutinating structure kept from old, 3 linguistic genders forced, considerable amount of old vocabulary, e.g. pyros=piros, pystis=biztos, Leukippos=lókupás, Zeus=szűz – keys of Ancient Greece are in its MAG past: key words and notions can ONLY be understood from their original MAGYAR meaning! We suspect that e.g. the Phaistos Disc is cyphered in MAG language, particularly as Phaistos in Kreta held a key ritual ground of the Goddess, and a key ritual role of Leukippos!

Prof. Alinei solved Etruscan inscriptions by contemporary Hungarian

Semitic languages: SHALOM/SALAAM (peace) from SZELLEM (spirit, ghost, mentality), MEDERSA/MEDRESA from MAGYARos? SEM from SZEM (eye, MAG-SZEM) etc.

Indo-European Sanskrit SIKARA, VEDA, Saxon GARDEN from KÖR(-IS)-TEN, CELT from KELET (East, KIKELET Spring/resurrection), Latin COEUR/CORAZON from KÖR, ALMA from APPLE etc.

ZEND - SZENT (Magyar SAINT and archaic ONE), ZENDÜL (resound)
CSEND-CSENDÜL  (silence-resonate)

DEEP ETYMOLOGY: MORPHOLOGY, PHONOLGY e.g. ÉL (live, edge), ÉLŐ (living), ÖL (lap, kill), ÖLEL (embrace), ÁLL (stand), LÓ (horse), LŐ (shoot), ÉLET (life), ÁLLAT (animal) ETC. (See also Focus and resonance.)


KÁLD (Sumerian) - KULT

but reconstruction of the human hologram goes both ways: Magyar, the most holistic and ancient of all languages still has much to consciously reconnect, reminded by close relatives like Berber: AMAN-IMAN: water-life, AMEN, or from more distant relatives: SZELLEM (mentality) =PEACE, SZEM (eye)=SEED; LIVE-LOVE, I-EYE, SEE-SEA-SZÓ (word), AMOR-MOR (Latin love-death)

AT-OM as metaphysical FATHER AND MOTHER: ATYA-ANYA (M and N convergent, see resonance) – Tibetan monks invoke the OM as the SOURCE but also as the FEMININE MOTHER PRINCIPLE: basic resonance of the SOUL, as well as of the CRYSTAL EARTH, consequently of the UNIVERSE.

OM in Magyar: in nominal conjunction means MY e.g. MAG-MAGOM (seed – my seed), while in verbial conjunction means I e.g. MOND-MONDOM (say – I say). So OM, or the MOTHER PRINCIPLE IS OUR OWN PRIMAL STABLE CENTRE AND CONNECTION TO THE WORLD! joined after the root word

AT– in Magyar: FATHER PRINCIPLE IS OUR PRIMAL MOVEMENT BEYOND OUR OWN BORDERS: ÁT- in verbial conjunction means TRANSPORT (through/across) e.g. ÁTVISZ (take/carry across). At the same time, –T is accusativecase which does not exist in English: OBJECTIVE FOCUS e.g. ÁTVISZ ARANYAT (carry the gold across)

e.g. great confusion of the key capacities of the human being, particular confusion of SOUL, SPIRIT, MIND

(see The Pearl images 29-32, 35-36.)

SOUL is the unmoving centre of the MAG (LÉLEK=SOUL, BREATH) – wrongly imported from SZÉL=WIND into the Indo-European system, because SZÉL is wind (movement), SZELLEM (spirit, ghost, mentality), SZÓL (sound, speak), SZÁLL (fly). SÓLYOM (falcon, totem of high mentality and MAGos cultures) – these notions refer not to the centre, but to the movement towards and from the centre!!! placing movement and change at the centre, our life and mentality is de-centralised, de-stabilised, de-focused: restlessness, rootlessness, soul (LÉLEK)-veiling

See TAMANA: a global etymological-geographic connective structure of MAG cultures

Excerpt from The Cultic Code, The Living Books of Paul Bowles, Etymological notes

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